The stages of consciousness and Christs Journey

I have been recently studying the Quero Medicine Wheel of Peru and relating it to Christs Journey – and I feel this wheel really is wisdom and it also illustrated humanities journey through life through the 4 stages of Consciousness where we too can one day embody Christ Consciousness and be of real service to humanity.

The stages of consciousness is an universal shamanic path that should also be found in Christianity but sadly seems to be neglected in the current church as they follow churchianity rather than Christs teachings first and foremost. The cross of the wheel is an universal symbol which is also found in christianity as the cross christ was crucified on

So the universal shamanic path which is found in Christianity too

is STEP ONE – the serpents way (eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil) entering the wheel of life  duality us and them thinking good and evil or even good versus evil. I am good you are evil. God is good we are evil and all the variations therin. Persecutors and victims, toil, suffering wisdom by bitter experience – life and death We learn empathy by suffering – we are squinted with grief and the sufferings of mankind. In Christian terms this has been mankinds way since the Fall –  we are shocked and horrified by everything in the world – we shed limiting beliefs and our ego but on the plus side we can also shed diseases and our bodies when we die – The victim archetype requires a saviour archetype to “save” them – the task here is to integrate the victim – this can be done by seeing ourselves in the “other” what is evil in the “other” is the shadow of ourselves – you who condemn your brother do the same things – forgive as you want to be forgiven – I am you – you are me – Ill understand this better once ive completed the training for the south medicine wheel – but regardless of whether we do the training or not – we are ALL on the wheel somewhere and serpent consciousness is where most people are at Life is happening TO ME –

Step Two – the Jaguar Illuminate our shadows – in the church they do this by confessing our “sins” or the things we are ashamed of to GOD/Jesus – all the things we would rather not be we bring to the LIGHT of God to be healed by Him – but this is also continued in the christian walk by NOT CONDEMNING our neighbour but by understanding him or her – I already covered this but the things we condemn our brother or sister for we ourselves do in a different way – like condemning tarot card readers when we prophesise the future using the pages of the bible. Condemning witches when we do charasmatic witchcraft in the church and so on – this is their shadow but they CANT see it – they can only see it in the OTHER – scapegoating etc

This needs to be illuminated – once we do – life is created by me

Step three – The Hummingbird – JOY and flow of life – flowing with SPIRIT – this is when spirit really works through us – we are in a flow state – if your an artist your creating works of beauty  love and truth – or a poet or whatever it is you do well – athletes are often in flow states abundance – life is created through me

Step four – Eagle Condor – I and the Father are One – unity of all things – Oneness – we consciousness – All beings are in me and I am in all beings – No judgement acceptance of all

So this illustrates Christs journey also – Christ was in eagle consiousness in a world full of people in snake consciousness- Christs teachings show the WAY through the medicine wheel so we too can reach eagle consiousness – its not just the victim in me needs a saviour to be saved – thats how it starts – but then they need to follow His teachings to go through all the stages of the medicine wheel.- the religion of the church doesnt do that – they stay as victim archetype clinging to a saviour archetype – Christ IS the saviour but they get saved by following his teachings that is the way – but the quero also teach this way. GOD is known by many names to all cultures and is yet unknown to us all – God created this world and everything in it – including all the other religions traditions and associated beings – if christians loved their neighbour as themselves instead of demonising (serpent consciousness – I am good you are evil) they would know and understand that Gods has taught us the way

  Eagle Consciousness AND Christ Consciousness are one and the same thing

To be HONEST – i didnt cover integrating the victim very well (ill understand it better once I travel the wheel by studying Quero shamanism) –

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