New Year Path

My new Year 2023 life path is now laid before me for this year – I wasnt clear on what it would be in January – but in recent weeks its become apparent what I must do, so I am laying it here as a comittment to the world

I must finish my degree in Surface Pattern Design – the arts is a great subject to study as within the design discipline which is positive and solution focused – I can study art making, designing as discipline including designing for the Anthropocene and redesigning systems and paradigms, religion, soul art, archetypal psychology, myths, shamanism, the natural world, environment etc as well as making great designs for clothing and wall paper from my findings. (ok finish the 3rd year part time)

I must continue to study Carl Jungs work and become really familiar with it as hes really where Im at, there are other mentors but I really resonate mostly with Jungs work and how this relates to the mind, the soul and other religions and traditions.

I must really explore my inner world through art poetry dance and mandala making – keep up my chakradance practise till I really embody the positive archetypes of chakradance as opposed to some of the less positive expressions of these archetypes such as victim or saboteur. Bring forth material from these realms either in the form of mandalas art or poetry or other expression

Live mostly according to God of the Bibles laws (as I open myself up to cursings of blessings from this Deity and its the cultural norms/laws of the country I live in)

Live a productive life of service, not just doing my degree and volunteering but working in the mental health field for the NHS and aiding those deemed to have a mental health condition by modern psychiatry

Once I have finished my arts degree continue my therapeutic studies (I have a higher education certificate in counselling skills) and work as a chakradance facillitator with my business Swan on the Sea Wellness and my design business Shelly Smith Designs and maybe do a Masters in Art Therapy at Welsh University

Continue to heal and care for myself and share my findings on this blog – JOURNEY the soul realms.

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