Embodied Feminine Archetypes and the Church

A great deal of our history has been Christian and today we still live in a very Christian world – and perhaps too its right that we live in a Christian world still because Jesus is a loving positive force in the world responsible for bringing healing and reconsolidation to our world both collectively and individually. The church is often a bastian of sacredness, decency and refuge in a a challenging world.

This is not to say the church itself doesnt make mistakes because it does – but Christ remains a positive force of hope and a light in the darkness in the world today.

One of the mistakes of the church has perhaps been that its been overly patriarchal. As we know in the past women had next to no rights and were at best seen as property passed from father to husband – and it was like that in the times of Jesus too. However, Jesus was quite radical in that he had female disciples such as Mary Magdalene and the Myrrhophores – or the Holy Myrrh Bearers. These women were given radical respect and sacred responsibility. When Jesus resurrected it was to these women, the Holy Myrrh Bearers he first revealed Himself as they came to tend his body. So why then over the years has the church portrayed women in such a bad and lowly light? She has been praised as mother, but often strong women were cast as witches, burnt at the stake or her gifts marginalised instead of being celebrated. For a long time women werent allowed to be Priests, God was wholly male and the religion primarily a male affair with women to be silent in submission. Mary Magdalene Christs own disciple was cast as a whore and there is NO books in the Bible authored by her and her voice has been excluded from the gospel message.

So this is the history women face when they go to church, and there are many Patriarchial leaders still found in the church today who would supress woman or only allow her to be celebrated if she becomes “like a man” – one of the guys in the church with her femininity left out. Femininity to the church often polarises between 2 extremes of the Holy Mother of Jesus – Mary or the seductress with the apple in the garden of eden, the whole reason the world is in a mess. Church Archetypes for women include Mother, seductress, prostitute, whore, witch etc which doesnt leave much scope for feminine growth outside having and raising children and being a chaste wife to a powerful man to nulify being thought of as a prositute or witch

I practise something called Chakradance, which is a dance movement therapy which is based on Jungian psychology, chakra resonant music, dance and mandala art – and in these movement therapy spritiual practise the feminine is finally celebrated and healed from these past patriarchial influences. Yes she is celebrated as Sacred Mother in the base chakra but theres so much more to the feminine, embodied in our women. In the sacral chakra we dance the abundant empress where the woman is able to find her joy and pleasure in life – empress over her life, business and household she finds pleasure in living and doing things she enjoys – In the solar plexus chakra shes the warrior goddess – so much in our lives requires we fight for what we deserve and this is so true especially for women, where she has to fight for her right to thrive in the backdrop of patriarchy. In the Heart chakra – shes the loving healer, many women do so much healing work in the communties, not just healing the sick but bring people and famillies together and healing communities and lives that way. In the Throat chakra shes the Wild Creatix – women when living their best life are fundamentally creative, it may not just be in art, poetry dance or cooking but in other areas too deign or how they run their business. In the third eye chakra shes the awakened dreamer – this is where she dreams and creates her life how she wants it to be, including the lives of those around her – women have always been asscoiated with fate, wheras here she literally dreams the world into being. In the Crown chakra shes the Embodied Priestess – in the past if you were a priestess and a woman you were just called a witch and destroyed, but times are changing – there are now more embodied Priestesses in their community than ever before – bringing the sacred, the spiritual and divine to their communities – alleviating fear of death and making the sacred available to everyone.


So the positive female archetypes include:

Sacred Mother

Abundant Empress

Warrior Goddess

Loving Healer

Wild Creatrix

Awakened Dreamer

Embodied Priestess

You can experience all these and more on my upcoming course Chakradance – Heal Your Life (9 weeks immersion) – or my short one week long – chakradance archetypes course working on a specific archetype or issue https://swan-on-the-sea-wellness.teachable.com/

Lets help heal the feminine together and heal our lives at the same time – when the feminine rises – we all rise with her.

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