Change your reality with non- thinking

So if your like me you probably think a lot. You may think about world events, your family, why this or that is happening – what to have for breakfast or tea etc

So some of these thoughts a great things they help us get things done and give us ideas and concepts to play with in our day

However our mind can be our friend but it can also be our enemy

Sometimes when something fearful happens to us or in our world our mind can create thoughts of a different nature. They can start to think things like I think Im going to die, or why is this happening to me, or they may be put downs, I cant do this, Im lazy, or Im incapable – sometimes these put downs may have been put into our head by someone else and we have believed them.

So according to some studies the average person has over 6000 thoughts per day. Do you know what they all are? Probably not as they all go straight into the subconscious but they still nevertheless influence our whole day and waking reality.

So if your mind has become an enemy and is potentially ruining your life – this can be even more prominent if you have received a lot of negative input or influence on your thought life perhaps from an emotionally abusive parent, spouse or even from watching too much fear based news programmes. You may spend a lot of time in mental and emotional drama, catastrophising the worst that can happen. What can you do to change it?

Many people try to think positively to counteract some of the fear or anxiety making thoughts – so here you may have an artisic life of painting positive images to uplift yours and others day. You may remember there is always a sunny day just around the corner of a rainy one – spring always follows winter. In terms of those archetypes you may focus on a Form you particularly like such as Jesus or the Mother archetype or the Star child. However when things get tough for a prolonged period this doesnt always fully work to change our reality – the shadows which appear on the outside which is a reflection of our inner life may keep beating at us.

So what else can we try? We can as Kazimir Malevich in his iconic painting of the Black square take refuge in the place of no forms, no thoughts, no ideas or concepts – simply the comfort of space and of the dark womb.

So how do we do this? we can take some time to relax completely – try gradually tensing each part of our body and relaxing them to get out of any fight of flight response and into the relaxation response and then we simply make the effort to let go of Any thoughts – just let the mind go blank. If you have a racing thought life this will be a great relief to the mind.

If you have trouble doing this then something great to try is Ocean Breathing -or Victorious Ujjay breath. (see you tube video for how to do this) so while breathing this breath you can visualise the ocean filling your whole mind and space the waves wash away any thoughts. Then when you are ready you can let the breath flow naturally and have the moment of total peace and relaxation of no thoughts and no ideas and no forms and concepts in that peaceful womb like space.

You can set a timer or alarm for how long you want to have these peaceful meditation. Then once you decide to come back to waking reality refreshed and ready for thinking again you will have had a complete break of peace of mind. You thought life will have shifted into something far more peaceful So you can watch yout thoughts more mindfully now and discover any thoughts which are not serving you and observe them and work to change them.

Plus you may be surprised what outer circumstances in your life shift from just having this time of not thinking anything – as your thoughts shape your reality and your own thought life may have been holding you back in surprising ways.

There is a great video from Eckhart Tolle with Jesus’s teaching about non thinking

Try it and see!

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