Bringing Forth Whats Within Us

I have recently renewed my Christian faith and a comittment to follow Jesus but apart from some online Bible studies I dont attend a traditional church. However I feel I am not alone in this as MANY people in the UK, my country of birth consider themselves Christians or followers of Jesus while they dont attend a traditional religious structure.

One of the reasons I dont attend the church is because I have a different interpretation of the Bible to most traditional churches – it seems most traditional churches teach the Gospel which says ALL must turn to Christ to be saved or will go to hell for eternity. While I agree with this for myself and fully appreciate Gods provision in the form of His Son to excuse me of all sins past present future – I cannot agree with turning around and then condemning my neighbour or the world and telling them their going to hell without Christ. The Church insists this is Gods judgement and can cite multiple passages where God appears to say the world is condemned already, but I can also site OTHER verses where it says God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world and the fact that God does not Judge but has left all judgement to His son and indeed Christians who will judge the world.

This seems dire news to me if Christians will judge the world because many in the churches see only humanities sinfulness, however I refuse to follow suit, if I were to judge the world, I would hope I would send nobody to hell, I have experienced enough human kindness for that. What happened to the old idea of forgiving others how we would want to be forgiven. The idea that we may see a speck in our brothers eye but that surely means there is a plank in our own. The idea that those who judge others often do the same thing in a different way. For instance – if I were a tarot card reader, I could be judged for practising divination according the the Bible, this is a sin. However how many Christians call themselves prophets divining the future through Divine patterns, or through the pages of the Bible?

It seems to me that while the Bible is a valuable book, its not enough to complete our salvation and guide our path through life, The Holy Spirit is another helper which we sorely need to stand firm against the wiles of the devil to and give us Divine inner strength, and intercession. We need a direct relationship with Jesus and to be able to hear from Him who speaks to us directly and allows us to interpret the Bible according to exactly where we are at – and we need to bring forth what is within us.

According to Plato the world of the Archetypes or God is the reliable stable world of Spirit, the heavenly realm which rules and shapes our material world. According to psychology this world of archtypes is ALSO reflected in the mind. The world we live in is unreliable and cannot accurately guide us although it can give us pointers. So the Bible is an useful book – it was brought forth from the Divine Realm, but on its own its imperfect because everything in this fallen world in imperfect. We need to be able to connect to this world of Forms and Ideas and bring them into the world. These forms and ideas may not currently exist in the world – though they are always existing in the Archetypal or heavenly realm that is reflected WITHIN US. The Kingdom of God is within you, where the mind resides with Forms and ideas. What we bring forth will be imperfect for instance if we behold a perfect triangle in the world of forms, then the triangle we create will be imperfect even if we use something digital such as a computer (it will be pixelated etc) According to the Gospel of Thomas which is an extra biblical text which some believe to be heretical

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.

– Gospel of Thomas, verse 70

So its actually important for the Church to bring forth what they have, it may be poetry, it may be blog posts, it may be art or design but we have to Create from the archetypal world within us – and this will help us complete our salvation, we will be able to get past the traps and pitfuls and understand through reflection and creation. In the past the church always used to be a place where everyone had a word, or a poem, or a song, or a piece of art to share with all present. This tradition is gone and its now only the pastor who is authorised to speak – but the church was always a place of shared communion, not leadership by one man, as it was known only Jesus saw clearly, and the rest of humanity was blind.

So this is my offering of bringing forth what was within me – I hope it was helpful to you in its imperfect form.

With many abundant blessings

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