Archetypes – Pure Forms in Reflection in the mind

So as I have been doing some inner work during the lockdown, and as Im returning from my cave now being that things are gradually returning to normal. I thought I would do some writing about the archetypes.

So what is an archetype? well they are found in Jungian Psychology to describe an “old pattern” that is found in the collective unconsious of humanity. So they are patterns and forms which are eons old (older than a single human life span) and influence human beings psychologically on an individual and grande/ collective scale.

We know about the iceburg model of the psyche where the part we are aware and consious of is tiny whereas the rest of the pyche is submerged with the hidden parts still hugely important. Well Carl Jung explored the psyche or the mind and found it was filled with mythical material and could provide access to some of the things we know of as the “spiritual realm”

So in our own minds there is actually a treasure trove of material both mythical and shadowy that has influenced us all our lives and even influences whole cultures collectively. You could even say the “shadows” or reflections of pure forms such as the gods are found in our own psyche (look at platos theory of forms) So these archetypes are mirror reflections of real pure form which are in the spiritual world.

One archetype I have mentioned already is the shamanic archetype – now this archetype emerges from the psyche when there is a crisis – so when we have a job loss, or health crisis, or some other breakdown in the usual running of our lives the shamanic archetype may appear as an age old form in our own minds to guide us through the crisis. So this may mean we may suddenly become interested in spiritual things, chanting, meditation, dancing, spiritual artwork and so on. The shamanic archetype has many facets and when it appears in our minds it can influence our behaviour in a myraid of different ways

So some of the other more famous archetypes you may have come across are not always so heroic. Some of them can be the victim, so if we repeatedly find ourselves playing the victim role in life it may be that we are influenced by this archetype – or wounded child if we experienced childhood adversity which may come to the fore. Magical or eternal/divine child may also appear like the shamanic archetype to guide us during a crisis and lead us to see the less serious side of life and play.

If someone you know is suddenly interested in witchcraft and astrology then they may be playing out roles from the witch archetype – not only are these archetypes in our collective unconcious influencing our behaviour from behind the scenes.

They also have their own narratives, so say the witch or shamanic archetype may clash with the church and the priest archetype – or they may go on quests like the heros journey. The archetypes are also found in tools like the tarot – and the major arcana of shows the fools journey or the heros journey in an archetypal narrative – which many events in our individual and global lives play out

They all run in patterns like seasons, but their old – their the basis of all our films and stories. You can predict events by them for instance when there is an universal calamity you know there is always a rebirth and reformation of order in a new form.

I have been experiementing with trying to find out what my unconscious archetypal influences are through doing the Shamanic Workbook on the school of modern soul science website and using Archetype cards to get to know all these old patterns and reflections of pure forms a lot better since it is apparent they have so much influence over my behaviour and the behaviour of others in my life. Once awareness is gained – so you may find you have definate influence by the victim archetype, martyr archetype and God archetype – so this may be something you want to change. If you are perpetually in the role of victim then this needs to be transformed to a different form and influence such as warrior or mother or some other more favourable archetype for a victorious life.

So gaining awareness of the patterns is the first step – to become aware as an OBSERVOR of whats going on with the archetypes and how these patterns are influencing your life. Their stories have been running in the collective since time immorial so if you allow them to they will run your whole life and you may become a personification of one of the archetypes such as fairy or shaman or witch or warrior. But in a way this is an honour as many people believe the archetypes we have in our psyche are are reflection of a pure form of them in the spiritual world. So they are in essence a pure expression of God. Its Gods creativity and divine story in the making running through the whole human existance and also the things we create (see platos theory of forms and the tree of life kabbalah – archetypal world) – so they are a fascinating and beautiful study of God which nobody ever mentions in places like church and it seems not everyone knows about.

Anyway I recommend learning what archetypes are unconsciously running your life and then choosing to live with them in union or break free for more conscious living – wondrous divine forms in reflection in the mirrors of our mind – hidden from us by our shadows along with our true self.

What images do you have in your mind?

Thoughts and options head with arrows on blackboard

During these times of lockdowns and health crisis’s as the world begins to try and return to normal or our new normal as the case may be. Many of us will have been doing some reflection and inner work during this time.

Inner work is something that never ends once you start – while you may heal any surface traumas or reasons for being in crisis there always remains more tools to learn until you can finally one day come to a stage of self mastery.

One such tool that is very useful during these times is guided imagery. Many people will have noticed that we are constanly bombarded with images – we dont notice half of them as we blank out constant advertisements billboards and other messages but this doesnt mean that our mind hasnt “noticed” those images – no they get slipped straight into the back of our mind our subconscious. When we watch tv and news reports during times such as these with the Coronovirus crisis we may be immediately overwhelmed by a series of fearful crisis images – people in scary masks, doctors and fearsome ideas of death and dying being imminant.

So, we may be strong and feel these images have no real effect on us and consciously we may be OK, but subconsciously those images have entered our thought life and begin to do their work in causing a darkened mind filled with fear and worry. The media is so powerful, at least as much as the advertising agencies in influencing our minds through images and nobody is immune. So what do you do during a crisis or a war when the images used by the media and other agencies get even more intense which may realistically threaten to over whelm our mental health

1 We can choose to limit our exposure to these images – maybe choose to watch less tv for instance and instead use to the time to learn something new or practise a calming and enjoyable hobby instead.

2 We can utilise Guided imagery

3 We can create art of our own positive uplifting healing images

I have already covered some benefits of art making in earlier blogs but we have never looked at guided imagery.

According to Martin Rossman who wrote the book Guided Imagery for self healing the brain has 2 parts one thinks in words and logic and the other part thinks mainly in images. So what is guided imagery? – guided imagery utilises the two parts of the brain and unites the conscious and unconscious by describing images and sensory experiences as a guided meditation to take the person on an experience which is beautiful enjoyable and healing.

The video below is an example of guided imagery “the forest awakens”

So in this kind of mediation the person goes on a journey filled with guided images which fill the mind and help cause a physiological response with is the OPPOSITE of fear tension and anxiety. So this is a perfect antidote to the fear based images we may receive in our minds from other sources.

Sometimes we may also find that we may be indoors more often in order to meet the demands of quarantine and to keep ourselves safe – so if we can take a guided imagery walk through the forest – this fills our mind and subconsious with beautiful images and scents and sounds which have a fully transformative and healing effect

Guided imagery can also be used to alleviate all kinds of sufferings like anxiety and pain or can even be uses to prepare for stressful life events such as speaking in public or preparing for an exam.

Guided imagery can also be uses to compost or transform old negative stuck emotions which may appear to be held in the body but are actually in the mind which appears to be non local. So an example would be to imagine all the things which have causes you anxiety over the last month and feel all that heavy material from that leaving your body and being composted into the ground – to be transformed into beautiful crystaline energy

There are wonderful guided imagery meditations found online to help with all sorts of life dillemas and anxieties including the current crisis – there is some great meditations and exercises by a lady called Anahita Joon – transforming fear into wisdom

Guided imagery is used in Quantum healing accessing the archetypes of the subconscious mind as guided imagery connects both the conscious and the unconscious with great results for healing trauma

It utilises intention, attention and imagination which are great things for positive results in meditation and its free.

You could even record your own guided imagery sessions to use on yourself tailored to a specific issue you want to work on or alleviate.

Another thing that may be worth trying is recording the imagery of your mind in a journal – just taking some time to notice which sort of images dominate your thought life – you always have access to your true self and the Divine so you may have a great deal of positive images – but may notice all the subliminals from advertising, the fearsome media images, bad memories and so on in there again. So once you have made your mental imagery more conscious you can then utilse guided imagery to transform those images – so imagine what it would be like if the images were better and happier. This requires a great deal of vision which can take us out of a narrow fearful state and into a more expansive state and then we can note this down in our journal too – or even create some positive images or a vision board of a better outcome as goals to create

Dynamic guided imagery can be utilised in things like chakra dance where you can dance to a guided imagery session – ie you may dance around an imaginary camp fire or a crystal cave or in the ocean.

So in these times its great to have as many tools for positive mental health as possible and guided imagery is a great tool for healing satisfaction happiness and well being no matter the weather in life.